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Who was Pauline Baxter Moore

What is the Fund


Pauline Baxter Moore Pauline Baxter Moore & Colleagues PBX Equipment

Pauline Baxter Moore                                       Pauline Baxter Moore & Colleagues              (Picture Contributed by Pat Hadden - Scarborough Club)


Pauline was a beautiful, intelligent lady.


She was born in 1912 in Cornwall, Ontario.  She went to school there.  During that period of her life she spent some vacation with her family, including American relatives in the Oakville- Bronte area around Lake Ontario.  This American connection influenced her, and after completing school she moved to Reading, Pennsylvania, where she obtained work with Pennsylvania Bell in 1929.  She held various Traffic Department Operating positions with A. T. & T. long lines for 13 years.


In 1942, after the United States entered World War II, Pauline returned to live with her family in Toronto.  She transferred to Bell Canada where she held various positions in Traffic Long Distance and Service Observation groups.  After six years she transferred to Western Area Engineering in Toronto. 


She proudly became a member of the Telephone Pioneers with 21 years service in 1950.


She was active in the Mabel Hubbard Club, the women’s club in Bell Canada Toronto when it was formed in 1956.


Her hobbies included wild life painting, for which she was a connoisseur.


She retired as Assistant- PBX Equipment in July 1967.


During retirement, Pauline cared for her mother and brother; both of whom predeceased her.


Fieldway Life Member Club became a trial Life Member club in 1978, and Pauline was anxious to participate because she lived in the Kingsway at that time.  The events and meetings at Fieldway and later in Oakville gave her an opportunity to reminisce with her friends.  She took great pride in her telephone career, and the company for which she had worked.


Pauline died on April 30th 1987.


Her will was written on September 23rd 1985.  In part it read “During my retirement the Fieldway Life Member Club has provided such happiness for me and my friends, and I want to provide assistance to such Club to enable it to carry on such worthwhile activities for retired persons with such club during its existence” and “to provide projects of educational, fellowship, cultural and social activities of such lifetime members as groups for the period of 21 years less one day following the date of my death”.


Her executor was The National Trust Company (now known as Scotia Trust) who were to hold and keep invested the residue of her estate and to pay the annual net income therefrom to Telephone Pioneers of America, Maple Leaf Chapter No. 74 to be dealt with by the Fieldway Life Members’ Club of the Mississauga Council, which shall distribute the said income.  The University of Toronto was stipulated as a secondary beneficiary should Fieldway and associated clubs cease to exist during the Will period. The Pauline Baxter Moore Fund was created, and a Committee organized to ensure the contents of the will were followed.


In late 1998 the relationship between Bell Canada and the Telephone Pioneers of America was severed.  Bell Community Volunteers (BCV) was incorporated to take the place of Telephone Pioneers of America.  It was not a successful venture and was dissolved in mid 2000.  The executor of the Pauline Baxter Moore Will suspended further payments from the estate subject to Court clarification of the proper beneficiary.


In the face of this the five Life Member Clubs operating in the Toronto Area of Bell Canada, i.e. West District, North West District, East District, North East District, South and Mid-Town District, now known as Fieldway, Oakville, Brampton, Scarborough and Toronto, continued to meet as usual.  A Committee was established made up of a representative from each of the Life Member Club, to re-establish the suspended funding under Pauline Baxter Moore’s Will; and to establish a base for continuing all club activity.


This was initially done with the incorporation of TELCO COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS in September 2000. Then followed each "Metro Club" becoming a "club name" Retirees' Club of TELCO COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS. By early 2001 some 2700 Telephone Pioneers of America Life Members were included into Telco Retiree membership.

At about the same time, notification was received of The Telephone Pioneers of America's intent to seek a Court review of their stated position of ownership regarding membership/finances of TELCO COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS. This action raised legal concerns re: potential next-of-kin, University of Toronto (potential secondary beneficiary).

Discovery meetings, Mediation meetings were held until the "final" Court Hearing in September, 2002. Agreements had been reached with the University of Toronto and with (Court-appointed) lawyers representing potential next-of-kin, on their claims leaving the Court contest between TELCO and the Telephone Pioneers of America.

A decision was rendered in favour of TELCO COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS.


Annual income payments are to continue until April 2008, following which the Capital of the Will (Estate) becomes the sole property of TELCO COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS (not Maple Leaf Chapter #74).

The few sentences above barely touch upon the mountains of legal work and Court work performed by our lawyers and the periods of heart-wrenching anxiety suffered by your representatives during the two years it took for the matter to be resolved!

And so, between now and 2008, it is the task of the TELCO COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS BOARD to pass along to the five Metro Retiree Clubs their equal share of the annual earnings on capital derived from Pauline's gift. Following that, the Board of the day will assume the role of the Executor of the Estate in managing the remaining capital. A probable scenario is that the current method of investing the capital be continued and that the resultant earnings support Club activities into the future.


Scotia Private Client Group continues to manage the Scotia Trust statement of account for the Pauline Baxter Moore Estate assets.


The income from the Estate Assets is sent quarterly to the Telco Community Volunteers’ Board.  The treasurer of the board prepares and distributes approximately 20% to each branch of the club and these cheques are sent to the treasurer of the Pauline Baxter Moore Fund Committee.  At the Pauline Baxter Moore Committee meeting, each branch representative gives an accounting of the previous quarter.  The treasurer of the Fund committee gives each branch representative a cheque for the branch.  In 2006 the amount is $3250.00 per quarter.


Marjorie Wilson,

Life member

Fieldway Retirees’ Club.


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Telco Community Volunteers 

Since 1911, employees of Bell Canada have been affiliated with the Telephone Pioneers of America.  In this affiliation, both active and retired employees carried out charity work in their communities, and enjoyed a strong bond of fellowship.  Eventually in large areas, groups of retirees established their own clubs, and the Fieldway club was one of these.

As a result of deregulation and restructuring, in 1997, officials of BCE Inc. decided to discontinue its direct financial support to the chapters, councils and clubs who were affiliated with the Telephone Pioneers of America.  This discontinuance of financial support did not include the indirect financial support of providing rent-free premises and telephone services to the retiree clubs.

As a result of the withdrawal of direct financial support, the councils and clubs in the BCE Inc. organization created a steering committee to develop the future mode of operations of BCE Inc. active and retired employees who were members of the Telephone Pioneers of America.  

At various meetings with the steering committee, officials of BCE Inc. indicated that they would continue to provide financial subsidies to clubs for active and retired employees by the creation of a not-for-profit organization. 

In early 1999, a new not-for-profit organization named Bell Community Volunteers was incorporated with the support of officials of BCE Inc.  The bylaws of BCV provided that a regular member is to be an active or retired BCE Inc. employee, which includes any company that existed within the telecommunications services sector in which BCE Inc. has directly or indirectly an investment or interest.

During the time of withdrawing from the Telephone Pioneers of America and the incorporation of BCV, the five life member clubs in the Greater Toronto Area continued to meet on a monthly basis at the various premises subsidized by BCE Inc. Our club, the Fieldway Life Members’ Club aka Fieldway Retirees' Club continued to meet at 2 Fieldway Road in Toronto.

In early 2000, BCE changed their plans once again and, as a result, the founders of BCV decided that the organization should be dissolved. 

Despite the dissolution of BCV, officials of BCE Inc. assured representatives of the five life member clubs that they would continue to provide assistance in providing premises for the clubs to meet on a monthly basis. Subsequently, solicitor Robert D. Finlayson communicated with members of the Human Resources department of BCE Inc. with the request that support be provided to the life member clubs in the Greater Toronto Area.

As a result of the promise of support from officials of BCE Inc., and an interest to have a corporate structure to support and maintain the five life member clubs in the Toronto and Mississauga area, Telco Community Volunteers was federally incorporated September 22, 2000.  The Board of Directors of Telco Community Volunteers is elected by the members made up of the five representatives from the five retirees’ clubs.

Fieldway Retirees’ Club

This club is made up of people who retired from BCE Inc. locations in the west end of Toronto. We have a membership of over 800 retirees from all departments at all levels of management and non management.  We hold a monthly meeting of members with a hot meal, updates on items of interest, speakers, and fellowship. Our average attendance at these meetings is 80+ members.


We, the members of the Fieldway Retirees’ Club, are very appreciative of the space, telephone lines, and support that we receive from BCE Inc.  We know that BCE Inc. does value and support its “alumni” and we remain very dedicated BCE supporters as well.

Lorrainne Pearce
Past President, Fieldway Retirees' Club,
Telco Community Volunteers

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