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“You Gotta Have Heart”

“You Gotta Have Heart” as the song goes. And boy, do these ladies have heart …. in spades! In fact, last year they made 1,281 heart pillows for the Trillium Hospital, bringing their total production since 2008 to a whopping 9,269. But hey, who’s counting?? These beautiful red heart-shaped pillows are received and distributed to grateful patients who undergo heart surgery. By holding the pillow against their chest while coughing after surgery, patients get some relief from pain.

For nine months in the year, the group gets together for one day each month. Led by Marg van Roosendaal, they rely on Susan Mitchell to bring a batch of sewn heart-shaped cases. Then the stuffers and sewers get to work – the group can be as big as twenty seven, including regulars such as: Marit Bell, Connie LaRocque, Joanne Wright, Joanne Janyk, Cheryl Yamamoto, Vi Hayward, Marie D’Costa and Rosemary D’Silva. Their biggest cheer-leader is Helen Hawkins, President of the Fieldway Retirees’ Club, part of the Telco Community Volunteers - a fun and active group of Bell retirees and a sister organization of BPG (Bell Pensioners’ Group).

But even with these impressive production numbers, there’s more. This year will be the 4th year that Marg has successfully secured a donation from Bell through the Employee Giving program. This year’s cheque for $2,500 will be presented to Trillium shortly, so that will be a total of $10,000 donated by Bell towards improving cardiac care.

We are proud of the work done by the heart pillows team. It’s another example of how Bell retirees give back to their community and their neighbours. If you know of other “giving” stories, please share with us by posting directly on BPG Ontario Facebook or by getting in touch with us in BPG via email and we will contact you. We’d love to hear from you. Visit us anytime at the links below:

https://www.facebook.com/BPGONT/                  http://fieldway.telcocommunityvolunteers.com/

Camie, email: bpg.ctc@gmail.com                                     Karen, email: bpg.karen@gmail.com


******  ******

The following label accompanies each pillow

Best Wishes for a speedy recovery, From the bottom of our Heart!
When you’re going to cough or sneeze,
Just hold this on your chest and squeeze!
This should provide relief from the pain
And keep you from needing stitches again.

These pillows are made and taken around
To Heart surgery patients at hospitals in town
 By The
FIELDWAY Retirees’ Club of the TELCO Community Volunteers.

We hope this Heart pillow will help you,
 at the hospital and after, for years.


An approximate amount of pillows made since the ladies started to keep count

Year Amount Year Amount Year Amount Year Amount
2008 620  2015 885         
2009 610  2016 1045         
2010 600  2017 1263         
2011 650  2018 1281         
2012 700  2019 896         
2013 700             
2014 780             

Grand Total = 10030

Click here for monthly breakdown

Executives from Fieldway Retirees' Club, presenting a cheque from
Bell Canada
to Representatives of the Trillium Hospital


Pictures of the ladies and Don making and delivering the Heart Pillows





The ladies are getting ready to enjoy a well deserved lunch


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